The Wire. Linking aggregated posts and comments

Philip Schmidt has developed a way to aggregate both posts and comments inline. Read more about it on Philip’s blog. Jim Groom’s posted about it, too. I have to run to a meeting soon, but I just wanted to show how you can take the Yahoo Pipes output and run it through feed2js to embed The Wire in just about any web page. Nice.

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  1. Hahahhaah, how cool, that certainly makes a strong case for this approach which is tool independent and can be re-purposed and re-published just about anywhere. I guess this raises the question: WWTHD? Or What Would Tony Hirst Do? That should actually be a whole subculture of edtech folks who are inspired by the MacGyver of data mashups.

  2. Awesome Joss! I did send an email to Tony, but he is probably too busy rewiring the UK governments expense account claims to a google map mash-up of restaurant owners’ voting history to see if labour MPs spent most of their (tax payers’) money on non-labour dining. Or something else trivial.

  3. I just changed my theme (look at this page if you’re reading from a feed!) and I see now that Gravatars get pulled across for comments, too 🙂

  4. Hey Joss: Could you post the content that makes the Wire work like this? I have been playing with feed2js today and all the post titles link back to the feed home page. I am sure it’s something obvious.

  5. Thanks! I still see the gravatars (and yours is about twice the size of everyone elses – in fact it covers your name).

  6. I see the gravatars in our comments to this post, but they used to show up in embedded Wire, too. Can you still see them there?

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