Why should I be interested in 3D printing?

I feel like I’ve arrived late to the party. I’d seen David Flanders and others working with 3D printers at Dev8D but I was thinking about other things at the time and never appreciated how significant and wonderful this new technology is and could be. If you’re wondering what 3D printing is, or just don’t get it, watch this and read the articles below. I’m hoping we can get a group together in Lincoln to start making stuff and more printers for others. I know there is interest among some staff and students here and it shouldn’t take much to bring together an informal group interested in exploring the different educational uses of 3D printers (as well as have a lot of fun).

Economist: More than just digital quilting

BBC: 3D Printing offers ability to print physical objects

Ben O’Steen: Making the physical from the digital