Off-site blogging

What?! No blog posts since April 20th, when all I had to talk about was my email habits?! Not true. I’ve been blogging elsewhere on project related stuff. I’m PI on four JISC-funded projects at the moment and it’s keeping me pretty focused on, well, project stuff. Here are some links to a few blog posts that Dear Readers of this blog might find of interest.

ownCloud: An ‘academic dropbox’?

OpenStack in academia

Hello CKAN

RSS/Atom endpoints for user profiles on OER hosting sites

and regardless of my minor contributions, check out the project websites if you’re interests in open data, research data, access and identity, OAuth, data wrangling, cloud computing, WordPress/BuddyPress, and data visualisation. Props to Alex, Jamie, Nick, Harry, Dale and Dave, who toil daily on these projects for the Public Good.

Linkey project (Access and Identity, OAuth)

Bebop project (WordPress/BuddyPress, Open Educational Resources)

ON Course project (Open Data, data visualision)

Orbital project (Open Data, research data management, data wrangling, cloud computing)

Kumo project (Cloud computing)

and if that’s not enough, this work and more is collected under our R&D group, LNCD, where you can find out about projects past and present, as well as those we fund across the university.