Information Technology is a fundamental driver of income inequality

Stuart Staniford is one of the sharpest bloggers I know of and I just wanted to point to something he posted a few days ago which examines the significance of your level of education and ability to use technology in relation to your income. He’s commenting on US data and projections, but it’s still of interest to the rest of us. Click the image to go to his original blog post.

Clearly, using technology always increases your value, but the more education and skills you have, the bigger a multiplier technology gives you.  Thus information technology is a fundamental driver of income inequality.

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  1. Its a good question / point – but how do you enable people and introduce a level playing field?

    I have been doing some FOI based stuff for my company – but also looked at the BECTA ‘free laptops’ debacle that was Lab’s attempt to sort this out.

    you can see the reply

    Crazy costs and not tracked!

    Not sure of how to solve it myself, but its a problem and gap that can only grow 🙁

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