Dougald Hine to speak about ‘Technology, Institutions and Education’

Dougald Hine, co-founder of The School of Everything, has been invited by the Centre for Educational Research and Development to talk about his experience in setting up and running The School of Everything. He will be speaking at 3pm on October 13th, MB1010.

The School of Everything is an award winning ‘free school’ for the 21st century, using the Internet to connect people who want to teach with people who want to learn. It’s aim is to allow people to design their own education. In 2010, School of Everything was chosen by Becta and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills as its new platform for adult informal learning in the UK.

Douglad will be speaking informally about how the School of Everything came about and how he sees it connecting to the wider relationship between technology, institutions and education.

I am particularly interested in talk to Dougald about our idea for a Social Science Centre and hope that we can learn from his efforts to engage people in creating their own education. On a different note, I’m also interested in talking to him about his work on The Dark Mountain Project and the role of education in crafting new stories for the future.

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  1. If you can, please record. Questions I have:

    Inspired by Illich, what reflections does Dougald have since starting and maturing SoE?

    Does Dougald see much of a role for Institutionalised education should the vision of SoE grow and succeed?

    What does SoE need? How will it get it? What precautions (if any) does it take in avoiding institutionalisation itself?

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